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What do you get from us?

1.  The office schedules the appointment.

2.  The Account Manager arrives and measures your roof, making notes on any 
      special visible issues that could affect any part of your job. Such as, low power 
      lines that will not permit the rooftop delivery of shingles by our supplier. 

3.  The Account Manager asks various questions, during his explanation of the 
      roofing process.

4.  The Account Manager educates you on the types of shingles and their 
      manufacturers. This provides you with the information you need to make an 
      informed decision so you can: 

       a.  Select type of shingle – Architectural or 3 TAB. (We arrive with samples.)
       b.  The Manufacturer & Warranty / Life expectancy for your particular needs.
       c.  Resolve ventilation, dark room and hot room issues. 
       d.  Select the shingle Color, also Flat Roof color. 
       e.  Satisfy your own personal taste to improve the curb appeal of your home.

5.  You will then receive a Professional Written Proposal, either by email or in 
      person, not a price on a business card or sheet of paper.

6.  You will also receive a document detailing the start of the roofing process. 

What do we need from you?

1.  We need a meeting with the decision makers. Getting a new roof is a serious 
     decision, that involves more than just the price. Providing a price without the 
     added benefit of a meeting means, we do not know your needs and you could 
     be making a major decision with minor information. Even when selecting a
     plain black roof, you need to understand what you are getting. 

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